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Originally Posted by Jp42 View Post
A. My original photo shows the serial number, I knew what it was.
B. I did all the clean up and work to it, the current owner did nothing.
C. I also have access to ebay, where you need to pay bribes, er fees to sell something.

No seller's remorse here, and yes he can ask whatever he wants for it. I never asked for a share of the profit (if he makes any).

Just wondered who else has run into this situation before.
I can dig it but I have to agree that you need to let it go figuratively as well as actually. I have resisted parting out bikes because I hate the idea of dismantling a bike that, with a small investment could be someone's cherished possession but I've put new tape on a bike and photographed it well and made $100. Many times the profitable thing to do was part a bike out and sell the frame. My last flip netted $25 for two weeks work. It was a beautiful bike that the owner loved so I was good with it. If he had parted out all my careful work and made a large profit, (possible), I'd be disappointed but who knows. Maybe all the parts would wind up on a even better resortation and the upgraded frame end up remade back to it's original configuration. Matter can never be created or distroyed.
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