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ahsposo 07-19-14 05:32 AM

He's being followed by a moon shadow.

Jseis 07-19-14 09:05 AM

Always followed by a full moon.

mastronaut 07-19-14 09:20 AM

Was born under a good sign...

ahsposo 07-19-14 09:26 AM

Was spawned...

Jseis 07-19-14 09:30 AM

Longs for the comfort of the redd.

ahsposo 07-19-14 10:13 AM

Likes his green eggs and ham.

skijor 07-19-14 11:07 AM

His brain has the shell on it.

ahsposo 07-19-14 11:57 AM

He said "Screw it! I don't care what time of year it is! I'm gonna deck the halls with boughs of holly."

skijor 07-19-14 02:00 PM

Best wingman ever.

mastronaut 07-19-14 06:53 PM

Wings his lies like Frisbees...

Jseis 07-19-14 07:09 PM

Prefers Tex Mex wings with a Tabasco chaser.

mastronaut 07-19-14 07:20 PM

Needs to lie to feel like a champ, yet comes up with chump change, wait this is a truth sorry...

Jseis 07-19-14 07:34 PM

Follows in the footsteps of chumps, knowing he'll never measure up.

ahsposo 07-19-14 09:19 PM

Wanders around behind the little animals.

Again or as usual.

It's hard to tell.

Jseis 07-19-14 09:45 PM

Nothing but a sucker for an oyster.

ahsposo 07-20-14 08:46 AM

After he learned he's wanted on charges of bestiality he went on the lamb.

mastronaut 07-20-14 10:34 AM

Has never been accused of being a sheep hoarder...

MillCreek 07-20-14 11:15 AM

Calls his girlfriend 'Baaabara'.

mastronaut 07-20-14 02:29 PM

hahah that is my ex wife's name :)

Blows chunks with the mere mention of anal sex...

3alarmer 07-20-14 02:36 PM

...blows Charlie "Chunks" Johnson, a body builder and minor gay porn star in his neighborhood.

DBA 07-20-14 02:53 PM

Just blows...all you have to do is ask him.

Wilfred Laurier 07-20-14 03:01 PM

his years as a streetwalker
have taught him to never do it
for less than the price of a cross town bus ride

ahsposo 07-20-14 03:06 PM

Thinks of himself as a self-styled conformist.

MillCreek 07-20-14 05:09 PM

Thinks of himself as a special snowflake.

ahsposo 07-20-14 07:06 PM

Never thinks of himself. Always thinks of others.

His only purpose is to serve and manage risk.

Except when he's putting the Tribe's money on the 3rd at Belmont.

"Tight Iris looked good at 7 to 1." he told Betty Lossed in a super exclusive interview with Track & Slots magazine.

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