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01-17-22 04:07 AM
 Riding deliberately underpowered?
The only benefit is to know how **** it is to bonk, and what the signs are so you can avoid it. You're putting out weak power and feeling ****, your training will be garbage vs putting out full... (1,661 views, 71 replies)
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01-17-22 04:02 AM
 You know you are old when...
When you see a BF post like "what do ride" with 5000 plus posts and you can't remember if you already posted. (1,844 views, 53 replies)
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01-17-22 03:59 AM
 Cannondale Optimo 1x conversion questions
Hello everyone. Please bear with me as I'm no expert. So, I decided to get the Cannondale 2021 Optimo 1 with 105 groupset. As it was my intention, I want to make it into a 1x. It comes with a... (0 views, 0 replies)
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01-17-22 03:48 AM
 The rider, the wrencher, the collector… who are you?
Anytime, great question, Tx for asking! :thumb: (2,520 views, 89 replies)
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01-17-22 03:47 AM
 Solidarity with motor bikers
fake bikers are the worst. clip on ponytails, what a joke. there are some real bikers up here, they do the toy run before Christmas and it is usually raining and about 34 degrees. (832 views, 56 replies)
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01-17-22 03:36 AM
 Whats in the box?
Patience grasshopper. (644 views, 34 replies)
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01-17-22 03:34 AM
 Cycling Show Pitch (Attn Netflix Execs)
I think there's more scope in my idea: a gruesome slasher / revenge horror movie about a wronged cyclist who saw their SO / friends killed by idiot motorists wreaking bloody revenge on them using a... (226 views, 6 replies)
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01-17-22 03:23 AM
 eBay / CraigsList finds - "Are you looking for one of these!?" Part II
Interesting; I noticed the steering linkage right away, when I saw that the stoker and pilot handlebars were parallel. I totally missed the step-through geometry of the pilot section of the frame.... (10,394,108 views, 65,890 replies)
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01-17-22 03:20 AM
 When new SRAM Force/Red groupsets are expected?
I can't imagine anything other than a cosmetic facelift for Red/Force eTap this year. I've read a few reviews recently commenting on how Rival looks more stylish than Force. Also hear quite a few... (174 views, 11 replies)
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01-17-22 03:19 AM
 Xd driver help
Can XD cassettes fit on XDR freehubs? I didn’t think so, but I may be wrong. (145 views, 5 replies)
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01-17-22 03:13 AM
 Battling the scam sites....
As an analogy, bike theft is endemic as well. Locking my bike won't put even the slightest dent in the wave of bike theft. But it'll keep them from stealing MY bike. Likewise, I'll do what I can to... (629 views, 27 replies)
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01-17-22 02:58 AM
 Tandem kickstand
For that rig I recommend a Pletscher (Esge) double leg kickstand. It isn't going to hold up a child stoker though! Nothing can do that. Not even an Ursus Jumbo (sp). They do best with a static load... (49 views, 1 replies)
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01-17-22 02:54 AM
 Where did you ride in Southern California today?
for de luz area, i recommend pre-loading a detailed map/pictures of a map of the area that you can pull up w/o internet/cell coverage. it's pretty easy to get spun around/turned around in there... (147,412 views, 1,561 replies)
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01-17-22 02:45 AM
 The Empty Road Photo Thread
It's hard to find empty roads here, but I did find an empty trail; Humboldt Bay Trail north. ... (30,457 views, 358 replies)
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01-17-22 02:16 AM
 2022 Randonnees
Every January is my audax club's annual Pink Ride, a special BRM200 that's usually designed to be newbie-friendly, and ladies get to register for free. However, the route has been becoming a bit less... (1,040 views, 12 replies)
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01-17-22 02:00 AM
 "Cities aren't loud, cars are loud"
Great neighbors. (1,507 views, 64 replies)
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01-17-22 01:55 AM
 Beach Rules Oceanside to La Jolla
awesome! you did a ton for a first ride. congrats and enjoy your visit! (589 views, 13 replies)
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01-17-22 01:52 AM
 What's your favorite tandem frame for fully loaded touring?
I suspect that there is truth to this statement. We have an older 1984 Rodriguez and a new Bilenky that we have done 4,000+ km self supported tours with. The Bilenky is easy to stand and pedal. We... (1,840 views, 19 replies)
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01-17-22 01:44 AM
 Pinarello spumoni but which one?
Thanks for all the remarks! I do agree especially with this: "Pinarello: consistent in its inconsistency." Well, on to the cleaning and greasing and enjoyment. Have a great day all! (234 views, 15 replies)
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01-17-22 01:42 AM
 Can you have a dropper post and a suspension seat?
Lower tire pressure is more comfortable for the rider since the tires are soaking up some of the bumps. Because the rider is more comfortable, they are able to go faster. Type "bike tire pressure"... (514 views, 33 replies)