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colorider 06-02-22 01:45 PM

Started watching the new Star Trek, Strange New Worlds. So far so good. Only two episodes in though.

J.Higgins 06-02-22 02:41 PM

Watched the Netflix series, Cowboy Bebop. Brilliant! Never read the comic, nor have I seen the animated episodes, but it was a nice original blend of old and new, sci-fi and noir. I was seriously into comics back in the '80's but sold my collection to fund my son's college tuition, and Cowboy Bebop made me realize why I got into comics in the first place. It was good because it wasn't full of the same old predictable plot twists and boring characters that you have to usually wade through with any series these days.

Juan Foote 06-03-22 01:55 PM

Originally Posted by DMC707 (Post 22518499)
made it up to Season 4 of "The Blacklist"

entertaining stuff

James Spader has always played a good "bad guy" type. I really haven't liked him since Less Than Zero, as he played that and similar parts so well. Talented guy nonetheless.

In regard to Blacklist, I watched the first few seasons which I felt had a good premise and storyline. They continually tried to keep jumping the shark tank with strange and IMO unneeded plot twists involving some pretty far out stuff. Surely as a tact to try to bring some modern relatability to the show. I hate when writers and directors pander at the expense of the soul of a show and thus what drove me away from watching. My wife, however, is fully invested.

Cornchips 06-10-22 09:33 PM

It didn't get particularly good reviews, but I am really enjoying American Crime Story: Impeachment (2021). Big news at the time, but I only really remember the 'headlines' as it was plastered all over the news. The dialogue between Lewinski's family-friend lawyer and the big-hitting FBI agents is classic and is a real highlight of the show for me.


RubeRad 06-11-22 11:32 AM

Outlaws on Prime. Stephen Merchant as his usual wonderful self.

See also the recent Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me episode guest-starring Merchant; he discusses the episode of Outlaws where the graffiti cleanup crew destroys a Bansky

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